Oracle of the Mournlands

Fireweave Bazaar Pt1

The day started in the usual way we were talking about what to do next, with the same questions salvage or money. Then an orc came in and put a new posting on the salvage board. Hak went over to take a look, it seems a team of scavengers are overdue and to see Belaluur at the salvage market for details. That ended the debate and we went to see Belaluur. Once there she told us the missing team was the Grey Dogs, one of her finest teams. The members of the Grey Dogs were Kelli Alray, Nella Halthorn, Durvo Tellis, Tandal Kahn, and Sproket. When Hak found out that his sister was possibly in trouble, he beamed for the chance to one-up his sister, we took the job. The proof we would need would be them alive or their equipment, and any of the textiles we could find. We needed a wagon to do the job, Belaluur said she would front our transport and some supplies. So we went into the Grey.
It took three days of travel to get to the Fireweave Bazaar. It was a large walled structure, we could see some stalls set along the walls and the openings of the shops, then we noticed a map of the bazaar on the wall right before entering with some shops having been crossed off others with a question mark on them and others blank. we entered and started to look around. Bheyiong and Hak Looked around outside and found a wagon mashed and a dead horse and were investigating it, when on the inside the rest of the team looked into a shop called the Dragons Horde, most of the nick-knacks were covered in dust, but in the back, some were clean and sparkly, Lea saw something red and scaly and warned the group of potential danger. Eldon went to another shop, carpet realm, and saw a body, discovered it to be Tandal Kahn
Eldon called out that he found one of them, as he knelt down to see how he died, Eldon was suddenly engulfed in blackness and pined where it was hard to move. Luckily Allissas was nearby and started to help Eldon
Rosebud saw that Eldon was hurting badly and cased a healing spell, while SK-8 grappled and ripped at the carpet of smothering. Lea was on the lookout in case of other danger. Varis came in to help when he was attacked by a second carpet of smothering using his strength, he managed to free himself and hold it at bay. Finally freeing Eldon and destroying both carpets, Rosebud used up her remaining healing spells, and Eldon also helped in the healing by using his healing tools in the form of spiders, spinning a web bandage. Varis was startled and yelled, “Give a guy warning when doing that!”
Bheylong and Hak rejoined the group and told us about the wagon and also said there was about eleven warforged that are aggressive in the area. we found a stable and a place to put the wagon for safety and took a rest. Lea found a bag with eight healing potions and a scrap of paper with some numbers on them. After the rest, we continued looking around with more caution, found an illusion with a recorded message, an advertisement, a clothing store with an animated suit of armor as a store clerk (and possible security). SK-8 said something to the illusion and it said to follow your reflection to your sell, which lead him to a secret door to a hair salon. While continuing on a war forged was encountered and was given chase, we ended up by a barricade with other warforged yelling and trying to break down the barricade.



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