Oracle of the Mournlands

Where the Dead Wait Pt2

From the diary of Rosebud D’Jorasco
What a blessed relief to be back in town again (thank the Silver Flame)! During our last adventure, we nearly lost Alissias d’Pharlain, were cruelly betrayed by those who we thought were our allies, and faced (and destroyed) a host of enemies.
Our party had taken shelter in an abandoned dwelling, to find protection from the host of undead creatures that were approaching. We knew that we had to find and destroy the remaining 4 Wolf Head talismans before Varis Voxx could use his Flame Tongue Sword to splatter the necromancer’s blood on the Wolf Head symbol on the basement ceiling reversing the undead beacon spell (which would, in turn, destroy all of the evil creatures who were trying to kill us).
Most of our party elected to stay just outside the dwelling so that they could use their weapons in order to fend off our foes. Alissias used her fabled Hunters Mark arrows to smite our enemies, Skate used his swords, and Eldon used his cannon (with flame thrower) to cast a swath of destruction. However, during the fight, Alissias was smitten by a dreadful Ghoul and nearly perished. I heard her cries of distress and hopped out the back window to cast a healing spell. She was brought back from death’s door, thanks be to the Silver Flame.
Meanwhile, Hak d’Tharashk and I were frantically searching inside the dwelling to find and destroy the remaining 4 cursed talismans. We found two inside the harpsichord (two severed feet—ugh—a most distasteful sight). One was inside the filthy barrel of water in the kitchen (Shemp’s severed hand). The other was a hideous severed head. All, thank the Silver Flame, were destroyed.
Thus, Varis was able to cast his spell to destroy the evil Wolf’s Head on the ceiling. And none too soon, because a Zombie Hill Giant and a very powerful undead War-Forged Wight were on their way to attempt to destroy us. We could feel the ground shaking as the giant approached. We bravely attacked them using our distance weapons and flaming sphere spell, but even our best attacks had pitifully little effect on the fiends.
Once Varis cast his spell to destroy the Wolf’s Head mark on the ceiling, the enemies were turned into dust. We were thankful to be alive. We searched the dwelling for plunder and weapons and prepared to depart. However, we discovered that, in the midst of our battle, those who we had thought were our allies (Nelda Halthorn and Sprocket) had absconded with our beloved Oracle of War!
We left posthaste to track down the rapscallions and were able to track their wagon to a wooded area. We unleashed our vengeful fury on the foul betrayers and retrieved the Oracle. We returned to town, thankful to be alive, and having gained much valuable experience from our endeavors.


  • Made 4th level
  • found 100 GP / character
  • Karnathi Necromancer’s lab notes/journal
  • Recovered the Oracle of War (still repeating the phrase “Third protocol activated.”


Where the Dead Wait Pt1

You’re returning home after a successful rescue mission into the Mournland. With you are the surviving members of the Gray Dogs, the salvage crew you were sent to rescue. Two of them are dragging a strange device through the mud; the Oracle of War, which was unearthed from the ruins of Kalazart.

Skate asked, “Why are you dragging that box through the mud when there is a draft horse-drawn cart?” Sprocket and Durvo Tellis stopped in their tracks, looked at each other for a moment, shrugged, and put the Oracle of War in the cart.

The party started off after a long rest. This wasn’t the way you came to the ruins of Kalazart, but when a living cloud kill spell is prowling the road, you find a detour.
A flickering pillar of light briefly pierces the sky from a hilltop ahead. The Mournland is deathly quiet and your every step and breath echoes through the valley. Atop the hill, a stone cottage slumps like a frozen corpse.

A few moments later, a sudden moan breaks the silence as soldiers dressed in Cyran uniforms shamble forward, a hatred for all living things burning in their eyes. They died in the Last War, yet the blood on their wounds is still moist. Others are just charred skeletons, smoke still rising from their bones.

Several party members made snide remarks on how this miserable day just got better.

In the excitement of battle, Eldon Meatlerock fumbled with his thoughts on what to do.
Nella Halthorn, Lea’Gain, Sprocket, Kalli Alran, and Allissas d’Phairlan took turns shooting arrows into the horde of Zombies
Hak d’Tharashk with a fierce battle cry and trusty greataxe, led the ground assault. While Bheylong Soddenfut summoned a Flaming Sphere and let it loose on a group of undead.

In the mix, Hak d’Tharashk and Bheylong Soddenfut were wounded and about to be overrun with Zombies when Rosebud d’Jorasco stepped forward brandishing her holy symbol and Turned the Unholy away. As the undead shambled away, there were shouts of “Brave Sir Robin ran away!” “Bring out your dead!” and “Runaway, runaway!”

Skate joined the battle, but after his first strike, he attacked without thought. Almost as if he was disconnected from the event,

Then a bony group of Skeleton archers joined the fight, firing arrows blindly at the party.

Hak d’Tharashk was hit and heard to say “It’s just a flesh wound”

Varis Voxx and Durvo Tellis joined in striking out at the surrounding undead.
Eldon Meatlerock, finally collecting his thoughts cast Web then aided in healing some of the wounded in the party.

The battle continued with each side exchanging blows when, with a bloodcurdling roar, a set of undead ogres came stomping out from the mist. The twins wore matching blood-splattered armor of the Brelish Heavy Infantry from long ago and they each had a battering ram accessory strapped to their forearm.

The battle fray seemed to go on forever when suddenly it was over and the last undead ogre fell dying next to its companion.

As the party gathered its possessions and tended to the wounded. Kalli Alran looked off into the distance and said “We’re surrounded by undead!”
Sprocket pointed up the hill at what appeared to be a small building “There, it’s the most defensible position!”

It is also important to note that…

  • Eldon tried to activate a magic item *
    Which one you ask? Well, it doesn’t really matter because he…
  • Was unsuccessful *

As the party moved up the hill a single-floor cottage came into view. It looked like it may have once been a pleasant, cozy place. Now its filthy, curtainless windows are like pits into a black, lifeless abyss. The front door was open, swinging lazily on its creaking hinges, inviting the party to ‘come on in.’

Looking back the way they came, a horde of undead enemies moan and shamble ever closer. With just minutes to fortify the cottage before the dead are upon them! The party sets forth barricading the cabin prepping for battle.

On the West side of the cottage Bheylong Soddenfut, Hak d’Tharashk, and Varis Voxx along with his Skeleton homunculus, find an external entry into the cellar. They open the cellar door and descend into darkness. The groaning wooden stairs give way to an earthen cellar that reeks of mud. Five bloodstained wooden tables stand on the dirt floor. The table closest to the stairs holds two corpses: A skeleton wearing leather armor, and the fresh corpse of a woman dressed in black robes. The woman clutches a journal in one hand and a quill in the other.
The cellar’s eastern wall contains large, built-in shelves obviously made from coffins. These shelves contain a dozen corpses, untouched by decay. A massive wolf head, the symbol of the nation of Karrnath, is painted in dried blood on the ceiling.

Upstairs in the main room of the cottage, a snarling head of a displacer beast is mounted over the mantelpiece in this ruined living room. Looking around, you see a fireplace, two bookshelves, a worn yellow couch, and a trapdoor leading to the cellar. It must have been the maid’s day off because dirt and dead leaves cover the floor.

Rosebud d’Jorasco spends a moment recalling sermons from the Order of the Silverflame and what she is seeing.

Allissas d’Phairlan searches a storeroom and finds what appears to be the previous owner’s escape bag. Inside is a bag of ball bearings, two bags of caltrops, two hunting traps, two vials of acid, and a flask of alchemist’s fire. Allissas thinks “Humph! A lot of good it did‘em”

Skate finds the kitchen with fresh food, perfectly preserved, sitting on a shelf next to a dresser full of utensils. A cold fireplace with a grease-stained roasting spit stands next to a barrel of filthy black water. Curious he steps back and tosses a small pebble from the floor into the barrel. Ripples softly move across the surface of the black water distorting the dull mirror reflection that was once there. Moments later the water goes still.

Out front, a Ghast and a team of Zombies have arrived and several events happen all at once…

Allissas d’Phairlan, Lea’Gain, Nella Halthorn, and others start shooting arrows at the enemy.

Kalli Alran, Sprocket, and Durvo Tellis fed information into the Oracle of War in hopes of getting advice on how to defeat the undead army, The Oracle of War starts belching purple smoke and suddenly spouts the following words at a volume loud enough for everyone nearby to hear:
Oracle of War: “When dark lanterns flicker in the light of the silver torch, the King in Green rides north on a bolt of steel. Two nations prepare for war, as all eyes turn to Sky Blue.”
The Oracle trembles, then simply repeated, “Third protocol activated. Third protocol activated. Third protocol activated …”
Nella Halthorn gasps “Was . . . was that a verse from the Draconic Prophecy?” She explains that the device has somehow revealed a portion of the Draconic Prophecy

From the cellar, Varis Voxx finds a journal and reads the last page out loud.

And it seems Shemp enjoys staying submerged in the kitchen washbasin. What a peculiar pet!

16 Olarune
Received a visit today from an undercover agent loyal to King Kaius III, sent here to check up on field operations. She was most impressed by the beacon and the durability of the specimens it called up from the front though she was disappointed to learn that I could only safely use it during the day. Something about her seemed very sad. She has lost a sister in the war, it turned out. She brought with her a crystal skull that had tremendous power over the dead, but despite my best efforts, she would not part with it.

19 Olarune
Today I uncovered something interesting and handy to remember in case of emergency a ritual to reverse the effects of the symbol on the cellar ceiling. Instead of calling my dead friend’s home. The beacon would keep them away from this play should authorities come poking about. All it requires are the destruction of the five necromantic foci that I used to draw power into the symbol and the spelling of a droplet of my own blook from the cut made by a magical blade. Jagged’s armblade should do the trick


Upon hearing this Hak d’Tharashk yells out “Destroy the head of the Displacer Beast”

Hearing the combat outside, Skate runs down the hallway to the backdoor in hopes of surprising the enemy from behind. Only to run into a small bedroom. Opps, wrong door. Backtracking and going through the second door the unnatural misty world of the Mournlands filled his vision as thoughts of rescuing his companions played out in is head. Rounding the East corner of the cottage, Skate was startled to see another group of undead heading straight for him.

In the main room of the cottage, Eldon Meatlerock hears Hak d’Tharashk yell out from the cellar “Destroy the head of the Displacer Beast”

Eldon grips his handaxe and chops at the Displacer Beasts mounted head. Not like a skilled warrior, more like the farmer’s wife cutting off mice tails, and misses. Strike one. Eldon steadies himself and filled with inspiration, swings again. Another miss. Strike two. Thinking time is of the essence he quickly attacks again. Strike three. No, wait, through the grace of the Gods and Hero points. Eldon climbed up on the mantlepiece, closed his eyes, bit down on his tongue as he swung one more time…with the words of his grandfather ringing in his head “you couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn.” Eldon defies all odds and buries the blade of the axe deep between the eyes of that mounted (non-moving) head. Spewing blood out like a fountain! Blood that arched out and across the room landing on party members that were nearby.

Kalli Alran stood dumbfounded staring at the Oracle of War through the purple haze. The Draconic Prophecy she thought, as the blood hit her in the eye. The horrific scream that escaped her body chilled the party members to their bones. “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!”

Even with Eldon’s (finally) successful hit, the displacer beast’s head was still intact. Rosebud moved towards the fireplace and used a radiant cantrip to finally destroy it.

This is where the session ended.

Fireweaver Bazaar Pt2

From the viewpoint of Bheylong
As we open up the scenario we are faced off with a handful of Warforged that don’t seem to want to fight like men. They only want to hide in the corner and wait for us to come around the corner. It occurs to me that they may be smarter than they let on to be and that they might have a trap set up for us. Rather than prance over there and get my head sliced open…I decided to try to find another route with a more favorable outcome. While doing that the team manages to wade through the traps and square off with the group and came out on top.
The main group was investigating the area and checking for loot while I continued to make my way back towards the entrance area. While making my way back I heard sounds of additional Warforged nearby and a god-awful noise of something that sounded MUCH bigger. I started trying to come up with a trap solution for the Warforged and kind of hung back a bit. While trying to figure out my next action the big noise became a big crash that shook all the walls. Without knowing for sure what the noise was I just prepared for the worst and was unable to warn the rest of the group. I prepared a bomb from the alchemist fire I had.
Above the rest of the party saw firsthand what the crash was. Something called an “Iron Juggernaut” (basically an armored assault vehicle – people transport) crashed through the wall and spilled out a bunch of warforged. The crash and vibrations caused the Message Station where most of the part where at to collapse into the basement below. Those that didn’t fall through the floor were met with a good amount of warforged to fight.
I was met with my own challenge of dealing with a handful of warforged solo. With my bomb rigged up I set it down in a narrow section of tunnel and waited for warforged to move into range. I wanted to maximize the effect of the bomb so I waited and waited to see how many I could get near it at the same time. Finally, I triggered the bomb and blasted 5 warforged to dust.
Down in the basement, the rest of the team found themselves in a storage area. They heard a mechanical voice start to repeat “Define enemy forces”. As they surveyed the basement, they saw a set of stairs going up providing a way out. With fighting going on up top and not really knowing what the device was or how to interact with it. So, they simply ignored it and went to join the fighting.
I continued through the “Hall of Illusions” but down a different path as the middle one was full of flames and destruction. As I came to the end of the passage, I came upon some malfunctioning maintenance constructs who were cleaning up the mess I made of the warforged raiders.
Skate and Lea were busy having a pew pew battle with the warforged as I very stealthily moved up into the field of view to assist. I blasted the driver of the Iron Juggernaut with a guiding bolt, then Allissa stole the kill with her bow as the Juggernaut was making a turn. With the driver being reduced to a scrap pile the Juggernaut missed the turn and drove into a shop and fell through the floor crashing into the basement. The “Grey Dogs” investigated the Oracle of War while we finished up the fight.
After the fight, we investigated the shop “Bolts and Tumblers” and found a walk-in House Kundarak safe. The safe was shut and locked but had a trail of blood leading into it. Durvo Tellis cried out from inside and was worried we were more warforged trying to get him. After we convinced him, we were friendly we got to work on trying to figure out how to get him out. He told us that Tandal had the combination to the safe as he had insisted the fool write it down. We remembered we had found a piece of parchment earlier with some numbers on it and figured this had to be the combination. We tried the combination on the safe and it popped open. That’s where we left the session….

Fireweave Bazaar Pt1

The day started in the usual way we were talking about what to do next, with the same questions salvage or money. Then an orc came in and put a new posting on the salvage board. Hak went over to take a look, it seems a team of scavengers are overdue and to see Belaluur at the salvage market for details. That ended the debate and we went to see Belaluur. Once there she told us the missing team was the Grey Dogs, one of her finest teams. The members of the Grey Dogs were Kelli Alray, Nella Halthorn, Durvo Tellis, Tandal Kahn, and Sproket. When Hak found out that his sister was possibly in trouble, he beamed for the chance to one-up his sister, we took the job. The proof we would need would be them alive or their equipment, and any of the textiles we could find. We needed a wagon to do the job, Belaluur said she would front our transport and some supplies. So we went into the Grey.
It took three days of travel to get to the Fireweave Bazaar. It was a large walled structure, we could see some stalls set along the walls and the openings of the shops, then we noticed a map of the bazaar on the wall right before entering with some shops having been crossed off others with a question mark on them and others blank. we entered and started to look around. Bheyiong and Hak Looked around outside and found a wagon mashed and a dead horse and were investigating it, when on the inside the rest of the team looked into a shop called the Dragons Horde, most of the nick-knacks were covered in dust, but in the back, some were clean and sparkly, Lea saw something red and scaly and warned the group of potential danger. Eldon went to another shop, carpet realm, and saw a body, discovered it to be Tandal Kahn
Eldon called out that he found one of them, as he knelt down to see how he died, Eldon was suddenly engulfed in blackness and pined where it was hard to move. Luckily Allissas was nearby and started to help Eldon
Rosebud saw that Eldon was hurting badly and cased a healing spell, while SK-8 grappled and ripped at the carpet of smothering. Lea was on the lookout in case of other danger. Varis came in to help when he was attacked by a second carpet of smothering using his strength, he managed to free himself and hold it at bay. Finally freeing Eldon and destroying both carpets, Rosebud used up her remaining healing spells, and Eldon also helped in the healing by using his healing tools in the form of spiders, spinning a web bandage. Varis was startled and yelled, “Give a guy warning when doing that!”
Bheylong and Hak rejoined the group and told us about the wagon and also said there was about eleven warforged that are aggressive in the area. we found a stable and a place to put the wagon for safety and took a rest. Lea found a bag with eight healing potions and a scrap of paper with some numbers on them. After the rest, we continued looking around with more caution, found an illusion with a recorded message, an advertisement, a clothing store with an animated suit of armor as a store clerk (and possible security). SK-8 said something to the illusion and it said to follow your reflection to your sell, which lead him to a secret door to a hair salon. While continuing on a war forged was encountered and was given chase, we ended up by a barricade with other warforged yelling and trying to break down the barricade.

Tales from the salvage board

The team decided that going into the Grey while not at top strength would not be the best option, so they spent the rest of the day in Salvation and then spent the night at the hotel.
The next morning, they ventured into the Mournlands for the first time as a team. It took about 8 hours to find their way to the abandoned artillery base they had been told Whist and her crew were heading to. As they got nearer the weather turned stormy, rain fell and lightning flashed. By one to the flashes of lightning, they saw at the base of the artillery cannon they saw the members of the salvage team they were looking for bound together into a pair of grotesque sculptures of flesh, resembling scorpions. One of the sculptures had a silver arrowhead as its stinger, the other a long rib bone. Four Dolgrims were performing some blasphemous ritual on the two sculptures.
The team took advantage of the Dolgrim’s distraction to move into position and were just about to act when the Dolgrims finished their ritual and killed the last of the captives. As the life left the sacrifices, the corpse sculptures became animated. The two sculptures grabbed and killed all four of the Dolgrims, and incorporated their corpses into their horrific forms.
The team wasted no time in initiating the attack. Most used ranged weapons and spells concentrating first on the one with the silver arrowhead. This agreement of target selection lasted until Bheylong got an opportunity, and he opened up on the other one, using Guiding Bolt spell.
Hak moved boldly toward the corpse sculpture with the silver stinger, but as he got close, he found that the ground around the monsters was like bog mud and slowed his approach and he was unable to reach it. The corpse sculpture spat some form of blinding liquid into Hak’s face, then moved forward and bit him savagely. Hak fell to the ground, dying. Skate scrambled forward, using the free-running moves of a monk to cover the hazardous ground to get to Hak and carry his body to a safe place. Skate then used a healing potion to get Hak back in action.
Against the bone stingered sculpture, several of the team engaged it by ranged weapons and spells until it was finally dead.
The silver stingered sculpture followed after Skate and Hak, and as it closed in the gibbering that issued from its mouths formed images of terror in Skate’s mind, causing him to need to flee from the monster. Hak was able to keep his head and retreated back from the aberration.
Clearly, the team had figured out that melee was not the best way to deal with these things, and so continued to hit them with arrows, bolts, darts, and spells until it was no longer moving.
When they went looking for loot, the only thing salvageable from the sculptures was the relic of the silver arrowhead. They searched the area for salvage and lucked out to find a few intact dragon shards in one of the artillery cannon’s compartments (worth 25 salvage points).
On the way back to Salvation, they came across what used to be a House Ghalladria Inn. From the looks of it, it had been picked over by other salvage crews but could make a good salvage base for the team.
Back in Salvation, the team returned the relic to Mother Johanna, and received their rewards. They then went to the Salvage Market (as it was right next door) looking for Belauur. They found the one-eared goblin at her boot, haggling cheerfully with a customer. When the team mentioned that they were here about the board posting her smile faded quickly from her face, replaced by a false smile that masked some other emotions. Some members of the team were insightful enough to get the feeling that this job wasn’t going to be merely business. Belaluur told the team that the lost scout they’d be looking for was a goblin named Garundah, green-haired, has a tattoo on her right shoulder reading “Bravery Against Danger” in goblin. Garundah had entered the Mournlands to scout the path the lightning rail use to travel, hoping to search any depots along the way. Garundah was expected back days ago, but hasn’t returned yet. The team was offered 10 gold pieces each if they bring her back alive, 5 GP if they bring back her corpse, equipment, or other proof of her death.
There was obviously (to some of the team at least) more to the story, and the team was successful in persuading Belaluur to admit that Garundah was her daughter, an apprentice artificer who can’t help but wander off on her own. Garundah is usually accompanied by her mechanical dogs, Errol and Flinn.
On the second day of travel along what use to be the main lightning rail line from Breland to Cyre the team came to a place where the lightning rail stones had been shattered by black shards of glass coming out of the ground. In the middle of the roughly 100-foot diameter circle of shards, lay a burnt and smashed corpse. Allissas went forward stealthfully to examine the corpse. She found that it had been human, the burns were caused by electricity, and that the poor chap had been both electrocuted and then pulped by an extreme bludgeoning force.
As Allissas was returning to the group the air around them suddenly filled with cracking, ringing noises. Some of the larger black glass shards twitched and fragmented, reforming into lizard-like beasts with maws of razor-sharp glass teeth. Four crystal drakes started to close in on the team from various places around the shard circle.
Allissas dashed out of the middle of the circle. Rosebud readied her mace and shield and approached the nearest drake. She swung her mace and did major damage to the crystals that made up the drake. Lea’Gain then did a sneak attack that finished it off.
Skate then moved to intercept the next drake, and with a mighty blow of his quarterstaff completely shattered the drake.
Hak then charged the third drake and with a critical hit of his great ax heavily damaged it (apparently sharp-edged were not as effective as crushing weapons). Eldon finished it off with a ray of frost spell.
The last one was taken down by ranged weapons and spells (the last shot being from a thrown dagger by Hak, which hit pommel first).
The team found a dented metal hip flask with some liquid in it on the corpse.
About 2 hours down the line, the team approached a group of ruined wooden buildings. They noticed that up the line of burnt-out lightning conductor stones about 200 feet away a roughly globe-shaped stone rested against one of them. A sudden whooshing sound from further up the tracks drew their attention to a spectral lightning rail train approaching them at full speed, arcs of ghostly lightning flickering underneath it. Halfway between the stone ball and the team a pair of dog-shaped iron constructs stood growling at the team.
The sharp eyes of some of the team noticed that the stone ball looked like a goblin statue huddled into a ball. They started running forward toward the goblin statue. One of the team who spoke goblin shouted the phrase “Bravery Against Danger” to the two iron defenders. As soon as they heard the code phrase, they became friendly to the team.
Allissas was the first to make it to the goblin statue. With the phantom lightning rail barreling down on her she started dragging and rolling the goblin globe off the path making it to safety mere seconds before the train would have smashed the statue and electrocuted and pulped a living person.
As the phantom train passed, the team saw dozens of ghosts looking out the windows of the coach cars screaming in terror, or reaching out to the team for help.
And then it was gone, and the only sounds were the wind, and an odd clucking sound coming from several buildings. Three chickenlike beasts emerge from the ruined structures of the lightning rail depot, flapping their leathery wings and swishing their tails menacingly. The appearance of the cockatrices gave an explanation for the question of how Garundah had become a statue. They also looked mad as wet hens.
The closest one started toward Allissas, Hak, and Skate who were the furthest into the depot and had been trying to figure out how to get the statue back to town and get a stone-to flesh spell for her. Allissas shot her bow and also sicked the iron defenders on the one advancing on them. Hak closed in on the cockatrice and killed it with his ax.
The rest of the team concentrated on using ranged weapons and spells to take down the second cockatrice, and then they all just laid into the last one until it also dropped dead.
The team was able to rig up a makeshift drag sled to use to move Garundah and started back west toward Salvation. About 4 hours later Garundah’s began to transmute back into flesh and bone. She was very grateful to have been rescued and also to learn that the team was working for her mother to find her. She told the team that she had found a map and that she’d give it to them.
When the team arrived back in Salvation Belaluur was overjoyed for her daughter’s safe return. She gave them all their reward (10 gp).
The team gained 2nd level and 1 Hero Point for saving Garundah.

Starting fresh

On receiving a message from an acquaintance, Kalli Alran. Was told of a job opportunity in Salvation.
Upon arriving and meeting up with Kalli she said the job was with her brother, Hak d’Tharashk, and to meet him and the rest of the party in the bar. After the introductions the bar became quiet and the inhabitants started to whisper Old Brackel was going to speak. As the old gnome got onto a table. He spoke of the three dragons and where they stand, and that doom is in the air, after speaking got off the table sat in his chair, and fell asleep. Kalli came by our table and told us the salvage board is the lifeline of this place.
Looking at the salvage board the group found three posts that sounded interesting, one was a stolen religious artifact, another was a no questions asked, the third was to find a missing scout. After discussing the options the “no questions asked” was decided on, but since that one required us to wait till morning, and it was about noon, we looked into the one about the missing artifact. So we went to the Church of the Silver Flame where we spoke to Mother Johanah. She told us a story about giving an acolyte custody of the artifact to do some work for the temple, while out doing business she saw the acolyte shopping for food. When confronted the acolyte said he was not at the church yet today. Having a bad feeling she rushed back to find the artifact missing. We asked if she had any suspects, and she said a Zodor Tarev is a strong suspect.
We went to where Zodor has set up shop as a salvage broker to talk to him about the artifact, he said he knew of it but turned the person down on buying it. He was generous enough to give us a name of the one who has it (Whist) and who she might go to next to try to sell it. He sent us to Draev Shaldor at the scrapyard, upon arriving we found Draev at his stall. Draev told us he doesn’t buy stolen objects. Rosebud flirts with a bodyguard of Draev’s by the name of Hench to find out that Whist doesn’t come around here anymore because she found a different broker to work with, and his name was Zodor Tarev.
Going back to Zodor’s office we find there are two human guards outside Zodor’s office saying he doesn’t want to see us, the matter is pushed to violence, and before someone actually dies Zodor surrenders, and tells us that Whist is in the Grey on a mission and tells how many in her crew and where she is going. Satisfied with the information we return to the inn where we share a common room, Lea’Gain decides to sleep on the outside town. Just as we are getting settled in the Sheriff comes in and warns, and cautions us to settle down or trouble will ensue.
Early the next morning we go to the scrap yard for the no-questions-asked job there we find Evanazer the supervisor of the yard. He says that someone has been stealing parts from a giant warforged named Big Mo that is the property of his mistress, he found a tunnel that runs underneath the scrap yard, and for ten gold pieces each to find out who and take care of them. following the tunnel, we find a locked door at the end. Lea’Gain picks the lock but forgot to check for traps, and a poison gas cloud sprays some of the party. On the other side of the door, we find a large cavern with three piles of bodies soaked in formaldehyde. Three armored thugs with the symbol of the emerald claw on their shields come to attack us. We fight them and when Hak moves ahead to find a room with tables and bodies on them, and a man hunched over one Hak throws a dagger and kills him. After looking around a lot to no avail to try to find secret doors, we go back to make our report. Once we get topside, we find Evanazer dead by lots of arrows, then the ambush started. We were able to win and take a prisoner. Then the Sheriff came and asked what happened, after being taken to the room under Big Moe, and seeing the other evidence, we were free to leave.


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